Paper That You Can Trade In

Two years ago today, I called my nephew to wish him a happy birthday.  He had turned 7.  My sister-in-law answered the phone, and here’s how the conversation went down…

Kris: Evan, Auntie Michelle wants to talk to you.

[Evan grabs the phone.]

Evan: What?

Kris (in background): Um, how about “hello?”

Evan: Hello?

[I immediately sing happy birthday.]

Evan (monotone): Thanks.

[After a couple nice conversational exchanges…]

Evan: Thank you for my birthday car-

Kris (in background): That was from Aunt Kimmy, not Auntie Michelle.

[Evan is silent for a moment, clearly thinking through his next step.]

Evan: Well, Aunt Kimmy got me a birthday card and inside was this paper that you could trade in-

Kris (in background): It’s a check.

Evan: Well, it had a check that you could trade in for money, so I traded that in and my allowance for heelies…


I’d like to hear more about this paper you can trade in for money.  And whether or not they make heelies in adult shoe sizes.

Happy 9th birthday, Evan!  I’m still ridiculously crazy about you, kid!


2 thoughts on “Paper That You Can Trade In

  1. Aww! He’s so old! I totally forgot that he and Sammy shared the same birthday. Happy Birthday, Evan. Sammy is 4. Jimmy and I were JUST talking about how we’re comfortable being parents to a 3 year old and a 5 month old. They’re still babies, and we can still feel like we’re the same people we have always been. But, for some reason, we both agree that to have say a 6+ year old means time really flew by and wow! you’re parents to a 6+ year old… you’re probably NOT the same person you always were. That said, we did conclude that it’s all about perspective. Right now it seems crazy, but it’s not an overnight accomplishment. Since it’s gradual, it might not be as shocking as it seems to be today.

    Also, please stop twittering. I don’t understand it and it’s making me uncomfortable. 😉

  2. Oh, I forgot too. Happy Birthday, Sammy! Your thought process makes me laugh, but I think that way all the time too. I don’t know, it may still be shocking even if it’s gradual… after all, I still can’t believe that we’ve been driving for fifteen years! Hahaha! Maybe living in the day-to-day is not shocking, but then when you stop and think about it you’re like, “Holy Moses! Our kids are teenagers! And we’ve been driving for thirty years! AAHHH!”

    Yeah, honestly, I have no idea what I’m doing with this twittering stuff. I do know that all I need to do is send a text (on my phone! that’s so quick and easy!) to Twitter and poof! My Facebook status and website are updated. Here’s my definition of Twitter: Facebook minus everything except statuses. I gotta admit though, it’s fun to have Facebook, website, and Twitter all synced.

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