Groundhog Day

Scout: I saw my shadow.  Winter is over.  Let me in now, my job is done.


Me: You have that backwards. When Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, like he did this morning, that means we have six more weeks of winter.


Looks like someone could use some cheering up, perhaps with a new catnip toy.  Either that or an all-expense paid trip to the Caribbean, but we’ll start with the fake mouse and see if that can’t subdue her inner cobra until spring arrives.


5 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. The best is that I was on the phone when you took these and hearing you crack up about her. Then I heard you snapping photos. THEN I REALIZED how long you were making the poor cat pose for those photos…hence the face she is making.

  2. Ha! Awww, Karla, those fangs are for mice, not humans. Focus on the first picture! First picture! Isn’t she so cute and sweet in that one?! For my next cat post I will have to be sure to talk about all of the wonderful attributes of my cats – how they greet me when I come home, or console me when I’m upset (seriously! it’s true!), or keep me warm by cuddling next to me and purring… Awww, doesn’t all of that sound so endearing?!

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