Being Illiterate Can Be Fun!

An undergrad that works on one of my research projects in the lab told me today that she is going to send me things “to keep me up to date.”  Wow.  Just wow.  I don’t really feel old, but for fun I like to joke about feeling old.  Sometimes, though, I do get pure glimpses of the ever increasing age gap between me and the undergraduate species. I have not been one of those young whipper-snapping undergrads for over a decade, so I am grateful that I have people like Jenna to keep me hip and in the loop and to help me take my mind off all of the things that my generation thinks about when we’re not napping – like BenGay, shuffleboard, and Early Bird dinner specials.

Today Jenna sent me a YouTube clip that apparently is “the latest thing.” (Karla, you don’t even have to like cats to appreciate this!)

Yes, any generation can adore the fresh, creative, slightly spastic mind of young, innocent children. My favorite part is “No…she’s…nooot!”  What’s yours?


7 thoughts on “Being Illiterate Can Be Fun!

  1. My favorite part? I’m torn between ‘Yuk!’ and the sound of urination. Great video clip! It was a nice break from my game of shuffleboard. Thanks!

  2. HAHAHA! I’m hipper than you are because I’ve already seen this! Listen, all you have to do is watch The Soup on Friday nights at 10pm (that’s where I saw this clip). Yes, that is past our bedtimes, but you can tape it or dvr it so you can watch it another time. This is pretty funny though! And, thanks for the tag 😉

  3. Yes, loved the urination part too, including when she whispers, “Move down to his feet” to the camera person (mom?) before making the pee pee noise.

    Ohmygosh! Karla, you are so hip! I need a hip replacement (ha, cheesy joke!), and now I know the way to do that is by watching The Soup. Good tip!

    Puppy comment posted in response to Amy’s comment…hardy har har!

  4. Okay… this gets funnier every time I watch it. Reese is enamored with the whole video and marveled… “how did a little kiddo do this on her own?”

    For some reason, the “la, la, la, la, la, LA” singing when the three white cats are shown on the double-spread really hits a nerve with me. That’s my favorite… plus the “that’s my mom”/”no, she’s not” exchange. Great!

  5. Yes! I have watched it one thousand times and it just doesn’t seem to get old. I looooove picturing Reese watching this video and making that comment! Hahaha…so cute!

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