August, 2008

ABOUT ME: Sometimes without impetus, I move to the middle of our living room floor and do gymnastics. I don’t think I’ve successfully done a back walkover since I was sixteen, or even a back bend for that matter, but hand stands, splits (sort of), pirouettes, anything that my timber body can handle I attempt. Yes, timber. The opposite of limber. As flexible as a tree trunk. One time last year I showed someone in the hallway of our office how to do a round-off even though I hadn’t done one in probably a baker’s dozen of years. I also wore my triathlon wetsuit to the office because I was dared. Everything is funnier when someone’s wearing a wetsuit. The wetsuit and the round-off occurred on different days, but next time that might not be the case.

I am a licensed speech-language pathologist, which I’m pretty sure means, based on initial letter, that I can wear the same logo as Superman. In 2004, I moved to Pittsburgh and started school for the 21st time. I am working towards my doctorate, and sometimes I feel like I am single-handedly holding up the Second Coming of Christ since I have prayed that God would let me see the day that I graduate with my PhD. Maybe I should see if God allows take-backs.

When I was four years old driving a Big Wheel in Preschool Traffic Town, I tried to run over my teacher. My driving has not changed since that day. Not that I’m a bad driver; I believe I’m quite good actually. I just have little patience for things that impede my goal of getting to my destination in the least amount of time possible – like poor drivers, construction, and preschool teachers.

If the government would allow it, I would domesticate snow leopards as a hobby. But sometimes I downplay my amour for animals because 1) my favorite comedian made a joke about the linear relationship between amount of time someone talks about their cats and that person’s unattractiveness and 2) I don’t want people to think that I am using my pets as a stand-in for children. That’s not why I’ve been married since 1999 yet haven’t had any children. We don’t have children because we are waiting to see what sort of technologies might come about in the next several years to improve child-rearing. That’s right, I’m talking about hologram children. Besides, the affection for animals runs deep in my genes. When my mom was a little girl she cried when she saw roadkill. My grandfather consoled her by saying, “Aww honey, that possum isn’t dead; it’s just sleeping.” Yes, so many species, for comfort’s sake, place their intestines next to them while napping on the side of the road. When my mom refers to me and her cats in the same sentence, she will call her cats my “fuzzy sisters.”

I like to play “Forklift” with my one cat, Abby. Forklift is a game I invented where I hold out my arms in front of me and say the word “Forklift!” over and over using the same pitch as some sirens. I scoop up Abby and then kiss her and scratch her belly. When I put her down again I pet her wildly as reinforcement, to keep her always in a state of wanting more Forklift. By the way she stretches all four legs way out and goes into a rigor mortis posture when I forklift her tells me that she loves the game. I have tried unsuccessfully to play Forklift with my husband, Brian, but the game Steamroller works well in bed when he is on the brink of sleep.

Dying from laughter would be tragic, but in general laughing hard is one of my favorite things. I have a tattoo. Most people that know me say I’m anal-retentive. My family is too big for one person to handle, but they are an astounding bunch of people, so I deal with it. One of my favorite sounds is Spirit-filled worship music. I believe Jesus when He says that the most important commandment is to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength” and that the second most important commandment is to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Mark 12:30, 31). I wish macaroni and cheese were mentioned in the Bible so people would start taking it more seriously.

ABOUT THIS WEBSITE: My vision for this website is still unraveling. I hope to expand it beyond a blog, but for now I’m just glad I was able to get a blog up and running and to learn how to format the date using code. Honestly, “Moore Tokens” was not my first choice of names for this site, but apparently every third person in the world has the last name Moore and is reserving domain names on the World Wide Web. I am not sure if I will keep the name “Moore Tokens” forever, but deep down there is a part of me that does like the meaning of it. In the sidebar I included some definitions of token – 1) something serving to represent some fact, event, feeling; 2) a memento; keepsake; 3) an expression. That is what I’m here to do – to express with words and pictures the facts, events, and feelings of my life as a means of creating mementos along this journey. We are all witnesses to these times. This is my account.


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