Dedicated to You, Mom

Okay, so I know there are still the extensions, the quarterly reports, and the back log from your ‘real’ job, but I hope you can still appreciate this little e-card I made for you. (Click on image to enlarge.)


It will probably take your eyes a while to readjust to natural lighting after constantly being exposed to only desk lamps and fluorescent lighting for so long, but they’ll get there.  Even though you still have a full load on your plate, please, please allow yourself to fully recover with pedis and massages and walks and sleep and American Idol…or whatever.


2 thoughts on “Dedicated to You, Mom

  1. Thank goodness my tree is in the shade so my emerging into daylight will be sheltered! (I love my tree!) Thank you for being so encouraging, patient and tolerant of my hibernating days when I was dominated-by-deadlines. And, yes, I will indulge in some ‘fun’ things…pedicure already checked off the list. Thanks, Baby!

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