The Persistence of Memory

La persistencia de la memoria (1931) is Salvaldor Dalí’s most famous painting.


Dalí died exactly twenty years ago last month, and it’s too bad, because I would have loved to have invited him over for dinner this week.  I’m sure as we would have stood in the kitchen, sipping sangría, laughing, and wildly trilling our r’s while waiting for the paella to cook to perfection, he would have enjoyed the winter scape on our patio.  Our own nature-made Persistence of Memory.



9 thoughts on “The Persistence of Memory

  1. It’s just a sheet of snowy ice. I have no idea how it started to slide off the table though, especially in that direction. If anything, the (slight) slope of the patio is in the opposite direction. Weird, huh?! I find it to be very intriguing.

  2. How did you even find the Dali connection? Did you google ‘right-angle snow formation’ to find a link? Or were you just having your annual Dali B-day party and noticed the bizarre similarity? Just curious.

  3. Ahh, my Spanish studies included not just language, but also history, art, literature, and anything it would take to become one with the Motherland. This Dali painting has been chiseled into my mind from all those years and years of studies, so as soon as I saw the patio table I immediately started dancing flamenco and singing Dali’s name. Doesn’t it make you feel good to know that tuition dollars spent on me were so totally worth it?!

  4. Hmmmmmmm….if successful tuition dollars equate with blogging about surrealistic snow ‘art’ then I might have to take the Fifth. Just kidding. You bring a multi-faceted approach to EVERYTHING! Maybe I should be paying YOU tuition!?!?

  5. Yes, YES! Pay me tuition! Oh I’m so kidding – you know I owe you an insurmountable amount of cha-ching for being so fabulous to me for 30+ years. 🙂

  6. I know (my genius mind figured it out) who Puppy is and you two are adorable.

    Also, this post is yet another reason why I want to reside in your head.

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