Fairness Among Siblings

The other day I caught my cat, Scout, surfing the internet. She wondered why I had posted pictures of Abby on my blog but not her.  I tried to take advantage of the moment and say that it was because Abby had completed more chores around the house and if only Scout would empty the dishwasher and do some dusting then she too could have a post of her own, but she saw right through me. That blasted sixth sense of hers.

I wish I wish I wish that I had been video recording the night two summers ago when we eye-witnessed an amazing hunting scene with Scout (as the predator).  I am convinced we could have submitted it to Animal Planet, won some contest, and retired from the winnings.  But alas, no video recording and no early retirement.

So instead of the outdoorsy, firey side of Scout, for now we will have to appreciate another aspect of her character.  I like to call this portrait “Bed Head.”


5 thoughts on “Fairness Among Siblings

  1. Thanks! She’s totally a puff ball, especially with her winter coat.

    And do you notice how much of the bed she’s taking up? How did I let it come to this?

  2. Even though she looks like a renovated, fluffed-up, giant hairball, I can see the resentment in her eyes that she has been playing second fiddle to her sibling for ‘air’ time and you have the gall to insinuate that she needs to labor amongst the lowly and do menial chores to earn the right to be featured. I’m tempted to call Social Services on you for such neglect but since she has overtaken your bed for flaunting her hairball body, I’ll let it go for now. Nice pic and description of her sensitivity! Bri obviously comes in 3rd to the girls!

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